LipoMax FAQs


1.     What treatments does LipoMax Sculpt offer?

The new LipoMax Sculpt offers non-invasive muscle strengthening and toning treatments, as well as butt lift, fat reduction and body contouring treatments.

2.       Who is a good candidate for LipoMax Sculpt treatments?

This system is ideal for any person in good overall health, who is looking for a fast and effective treatment to tone muscles and reduce unwanted fat.

3.     Is LipoMax Sculpt safe?

Yes, LipoMax Sculpt is completely safe and risk-free. Its non-invasive technology allows the specialist to treat the muscle tissue and the fat layer without damaging the skin and with no side effects, pain or discomfort.

4.       What does the treatment consist of?

The LipoMax Sculpt is a fast, simple procedure that strengthens, tones and firms while you lie comfortably on the treatment bed. Using a specially designed applicator, electromagnetic energy is delivered to the treatment areas to induce thousands of contractions that stimulate the muscles and trigger the fat elimination process. Once the session ends, you will be able to return immediately to your regular activities without any recovery time.

5.     What parts of the body can LipoMax Sculpt work?

This treatment is ideal for strengthening the muscles and reducing fat in the abdomen, buttocks, thighs and arms and legs.

6.     How does LipoMax Sculpt work?

This modern system uses focalized high intensity electromagnetic energy to work on the muscle mass and the fat layer in a non -invasive manner. The energy produces thousands of contractions that cannot be achieved by voluntary action. The muscle responds to this intense stimulation, producing myofibrils (muscle hypertrophy) and new muscle fibers (muscle hyperplasia). The result is sculpted muscles and an increase in tone and strength. The contractions also activate the release of epinephrine, which stimulates fat cells to begin the lipolysis process; the fat cell content breaks down and turns into free fatty acids. Then the destroyed cells are eliminated naturally by the body, instantly reducing the volume of the treated area.

7.       What are the advantages of LipoMax Sculpt?

It is a non-invasive, non-chemical, pain-free procedure. It does not require anesthesia or previous preparation, and it offers excellent results without the side effects associated to other procedures. The LipoMax Sculpt treatment is a great option for people who exercise and want to maximize their results, and for people who don’t have a very active lifestyle but want to strengthen their muscles and achieve better body definition.

8.     How long is the procedure?

In just 30 minutes, LipoMax Sculpt achieves the equivalent of 20,000 squats or sit ups, visibly toning and sculpting the muscles without breaking a sweat.  An average treatment lasts 30 minutes.

9.     How many sessions are needed to see the results?

Most patients achieve noticeable results with only 2 treatments a week for 2 consecutive weeks, and then one maintenance session a month.  

10.    Will I feel pain during the treatment?

This procedure is not painful, some patients say it feels like an intense workout or compare it to a pulling sensation.

11.    What results will I see after the treatment?

By the end of the treatment series the body will look slimmer, and more toned and beautiful. The muscles in the abdomen, legs and arms will be firmer and more visible, sagging buttocks will lift and localized fat will be reduced, achieving a fabulous body transformation without intense exercises or the risks associated with surgery.  

12.   Is any aftercare needed?

This procedure does not require aftercare at home, and you can return to your regular activities immediately after the treatment session. 

13.    Can I combine LipoMax Sculpt treatments with other cosmetic procedures?

Yes. A treatment series with LipoMax Face|Body will complement and maximize the effect of the LipoMax Sculpt, achieving incredible results in every session.  This non-invasive aesthetic system combines the benefits of photo-pneumatic massage with different forms of energy such as radiofrequency and ultrasonic RF, significantly increasing the skin’s youthful firmness and elasticity while also reducing stored fat to slim down the figure. This perfect combination of LipoMax Sculpt and LipoMax Face|Body creates a powerful 360 effect as it treats muscles, fat and skin for an extraordinary body transformation.