Skin Tightening- Pixel8

Skin Tightening- Pixel8


    THE PIXEL8-RF  is a minimally invasive fractional bi-polar Radio Frequency system that disperses micro-needles deep within the dermis to produce dramatic skin tightening and skin rejuvenation and can be used on all areas of the body. The PiXel8-RF combines the latest advancements in Micro-Needling and Radio Frequency technologies. PiXel8-RF is the perfect solution to help restore youthful skin without surgery or downtime.


    What kind of skin conditions does PiXel8-RF treat?

    The PiXel8-RF can be used for a wide range of treatments which include:

    • Skin tightening
    • Wrinkle reduction
    • Acne scar improvement
    • Skin tone and texture improvement
    • Pore reduction
    • Scar reduction
    • Double chin reduction
    • Jowl lifting
    • Eyebrow lifting
    • Neck lifting
    • Hand rejuvenation

    PiXel 8-RF Benefits include:

    Less pain and fast recovery

    Precisley controlled RF energy is delivered only to the target areas by adjusting from 0.5 to 3.5mm depth selectively with an advanced penetration mechanism for dermal coagulation.

    Optimal and uniform thermolysis

    Ideal distance between needles allows applying uniform bipolar RF energy in the target areas to treat evenly without any risk of energy interference caused by overlapping of RF energy in the already treated area.

    Precise and safe treatment

    Light variation function depending on each operation step allows practitioners to track the overall treatment procedure during treatment for client safety as well as better results.

    Fast and convenient operation

    The avatar system provided by the guided user interface allows the precise depth of penetration and energy to be applied into the tissue for proven results.

    Comfort control

    The Pixel 8 allows for a heated needle insert and a cold needle extraction. This allows for precise heat placement where needed to help alleviate discomfort and minimize complications.


    *Pre and Post Care

    How does the treatment work?

    The PiXel8-RF provides correct and controlled coagulation and hemostasis to help stimulate collagen production and provide skin tightening and rejuvenation. The micro-needle depth can be adjusted accordingly for each and every treatment area, especially for delicate areas such as under the eyes, the forehead and cheek bones along with body areas.

    Can this be used on all skin types?

    The PiXel 8-RF can be used on all skin types. It only uses radio frequency energy and cold needle extraction. There is no risk of thermal damage to the epidermis and it virtually eliminates the risk of PIH in darker skin types.

    Is there downtime after the procedure?

    Clients usually experience very little or no downtime after the PiXel8-RF procedure depending on treatment parameters. Only a few restrictions are common after an RF microneedling procedure. The treated area may be red for up to a full day. Your downtime may increase if a deeper procedure is needed to achieve the results based on severity of skin damage. Your specialist will provide full information on estimate of downtime along with any pre and post care instructions.


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